RTO Rajkot

Help on online application

4/21/2018 8:26:34 PM
Help on online application to apply for a Learning License.
  1. Please ensure that Acrobat Reader Version 9.x and Internet Explorer 7.0  or  above  are  installed  in  your  computer  system.  It  may  not respond properly with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Advised to use Internet Explorer 7.0 or above only.
  2. Open Adobe Reader version 9.x Select  Edit  --> Preferences  --> Security (Enhanced) Uncheck “Enable enhanced security”, available on the right side and Press OK Button.
  3. Select “Issue of a Learning License to me” link from the “On-line Transactions with Sarathi” menu on the Main Page.
  4. Please ensure that the Application Number (Ex: 125650) is displayed to you on the top right corner of the form. If the Application number is not displayed, then the form cannot be submitted. In that case, you are  advised  to  recheck  the  specifications  of  Adobe  Reader  and Internet Explorer versions as mentioned in the first two points and retry.
  5. Fill the form shown to you on the system only when the Application Number  is  generated.  Boxes  marked  with ‘*’  in  RED  color  are mandatory and should be filled in without fail.
  6. After filling the form, save it by pressing the button for your comfort.
  1. Then opt to “Submit” to send the Application form along with the details to the RTO/DTO concerned.
  2. Please note down the Application Number and the date of birth for future reference or to take Appointment for LL test.
  3. After application is submitted a message will be displayed as “Your Application is Saved Successfully”. Then you may close the form. In case of any problem during the submission, no need to worry. You can try by submitting the form that was saved.